Bitcoin: Film Screening, Followed by a General Discusion

Bitcoin! You’ve heard it mentioned, but what actually is it? And why is everybody talking about it?

Bitcoin as an idea is a radical concept that could completely shift humanity’s relationships to money and social government. It was born 5 years ago, released into a dark corner of the internet, and promptly abandoned. Nobody knows who made it, or why. Bitcoin as a protocol is a large, de-centralized, open-sourced global distributed financial ecosystem that replaces the need for banks, stock exchanges, notaries, escrow agencies, the federal reserve, and more.

This is an open discussion group, and people of all backgrounds, political views, ages, and familiarity levels with bitcoin are welcome! I ask that if you are very familiar with or super excited about bitcoin that you help us hold space for people who may be trying to understand what exactly is happening here. Our primary goal is to provide a fertile environment for discussion and understanding.

The effects of crypto-currency as a technology may yet prove to be as disruptive as the human adoption of Agriculture. We just don’t know. Either way, it is a fascinating and often misunderstood topic. Come with us as we crack it open and have a look at what’s happening under the surface.

For questions or comments please email Hope to see you there!