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Sharath kumar , uddagiri venkanna babu , pralhad sadashiv patki , ashwagandha withania somnifera supercritical co 2 extract derived withanolides mitigates bisphenol a induced mitochondrial toxicity in hepg2 cells, toxicology reports , 2014 , 1 , 1004 crossref 20 praveen kumar , raghavendra singh , arshed nazmi , dinesh lakhanpal , hardeep kataria , gurcharan kaur , glioprotective effects of ashwagandha leaf extract against lead induced toxicity, biomed research international , 2014 , 2014 , 1 crossref.

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Energico as ashwagandha is a heating herb, for those with a lot of pitta or fire in their constitution, ashwagandha on its own may be too fiery.

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add that to the fact that ashwagandha can also help support healthy cells and their function, and you have a pretty awesome herb for soothing stress and much more.

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