Berkeley in the Sixties

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Movie and discussion: Berkeley in the 60s – includes historical footage and interviews with activists who were involved in the Free Speech Movement, civil rights, and the anti-war movement, plus the creation of People’s Park. Valuable background info for current day East Bay radicals.

Long Haul features a free movie the third Sunday of each month September – March.













Pen Pal Night

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The second Sunday of each month is Penpal night!

Write letters and postcards to your own penpals and/or prisoners who’ve written letters to Slingshot newspaper. Long Haul will provide the first 10 stamps and envelopes each week FREE. We’ll also provide paper, pens and typewriters.


One Hundred Steps (“I Centro Passi”)

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I cento passi” (one hundred steps) was the distance between the Impastatos’ house and the house of Tano Badalamenti, an important Mafia boss, in the small Sicilian town of Cinisi. The movie is the story of Peppino Impastato, a young left-wing activist that in the late seventies (when almost nobody dared to speak about Mafia, and several politicians maintained that Mafia did not even exist) repeatedly denounced Badalamenti crimes and the whole Mafia system using a small local radio station, with the arm of irony. In 1978 Peppino (30 years old) was killed by an explosion. The police archived the case as an accident or a suicide, but his friends never accepted this thesis. Note: This is a true story. More than wenty years after Peppino’s death, the case has been re-opened. Tano Badalamenti, meanwhile, has been convicted in USA for drug traffic.



Film: Zero Patience

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Join us this Sunday at 7:15 for a screening of Zero Patience. This film has it all. An undead, eminent Victorian linguist and explorer, talking asshole puppets and a musical number about getting erections at a bathhouse….

what else do you need to know?

what’s not to like?

“Do the Math” The world premiere of new documentary on climate change

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On Sunday, April 21st — what we’re calling “Earth Night” — 350.org will premiere a film about our work and our growing movement. That evening , people will be gathering in hundreds of living rooms and libraries across the country to see this film. Meeting in person is the lifeblood of our movement, and we hope that gathering to watch this snazzy film can be an opportunity to connect with new people and grow the movement locally.

The movie is an inspiring, beautiful, and fast-paced story that shows the power of the growing climate movement. It clocks in at 42-minutes — and it packs a lot in: from the cross-country campaign/tour done last year, to the latest dispatches from leaders in the fight to stop Keystone XL, to the campaign to divest from fossil fuels.

8 Days of Anarchy Movie Night: $hopping & The Doom Generation

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Day 2 of 8 days of Anarchy is a screening of two films: $hopping and The Doom Generation

The Other Fabulous Reading Series Presents: A Night in Russia.

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Translators and poets Brent Cunningham, Piper Wheeler, Isobel Palmer, and Peter Golub will be reading translations and talking about obscure Russian writers from the 1860s to the 1970s who have been translated.

Free Palestine film series – “Bil’in Habibti”

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Next up on the free Palestine film series, we will be screening “Bil’in Habibti”, about the protest movement in the village of Bil’in Palestine. This film was made by an Israeli anarchist who gave Tristan and family a lot of support while we were in the hospital. And it’s a great film. Free event, free food. This event is sponsored by Justice 4 Tristan and Northern California International Solidarity Movement

Other Fabulous Reading Series

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The Other Fabulous Reading Series present s

3 poets reading from their works:   Suzanne Stein, Erica Lewis, and Sophia Dahlin
Suzanne Stein’s most recent book is Tout Va Bien.
Erica Lewis’s most recent book is Murmur in The Inventory.
Sophia Dahlin’s most recent book is Come On.
They will all give readings!  7pm-9pm on Sunday January 20th

Public School Class: History of English Poetry

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To find the current topic goto  the PublicSchool Website at thepublicschool.org

The Public School is a school with no curriculum. It is not accredited, it does not give out degrees, and it has no affiliation with the public school system. It is a framework that supports autodidactic activities, operating under the assumption that everything is in everything.

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