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Cool zines in the archive 3, Plus exciting news about working towards an online catalog!

One cool thing about working on the zine archive is that various people come through to help with the cataloging and it’s fun to get to share zines we find in the archive with each other when they catch our eye. The other day we were working on cataloging and one person who’s been working on it for the past month got ahold of a zine that he was really into and kept talking about it and reading bits aloud to us. So I said, hey dude, if that zine’s so cool you should let me put something about it on the website. So he wrote up a thing about it:

The Daily Impulse zine review, by Joven:

“While sifting through the zine archive at the Long Haul, I unearthed few issues of a publication called, Daily Impulse, a bi-monthly anti-authoritarian news journal written in 1985. The only reason it caught my eye was because just like myself, this anarchist journal is from San Diego. Being an anarchist and growing up in southern California at times was frustrating, and it was very pleasant to read the chronicles of those who came before me. Reading the punk scene reviews, radical directories, and riots on the streets I used to frequent made me feel that much better about where I’m from.”


ALSO, we are slowly moving towards actually getting an online catalog up, which would make our zine collection a lot easier to find stuff in. We just need some Drupal help and some final consensus from the LH collective! FINALLY!

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