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Long Haul Zine Archive Catalog- check out what we’ve been working on

Our catalog is under way! We’ve working our way through the alphabet, assigning box subject categories and entering zines into our catalog. We’re pretty proud of the work we’ve done so far, even though it’s slow going, so we want to share a piece of what we’ve done.

So far our catalog is just a spreadsheet. We need to put this on a searchable catalog that is available online, hopefully using Drupal. CAN YOU HELP US WITH THIS?? if so, email

Here are the ‘A’s!




Zine Archive Decision Log!

The zine archive decision log chronicles decisions we’ve made about the zine archive and other specifications we follow. We are posting it here in the name of transparency- we want members of our extended community to be able to keep up on what is going on in our project and input if they want!

Email thoughts, ideas, OR and ESPECIALLY if you want to participate in the cataloging project!




Long Haul Zine Archive Box Subject Categories

AAand here’s a list of the box subject categories that we’re using- zines get assigned to one of these and then get organized by subject to make browsing easier (don’t worry, there’s another field in the catalog where multiple subjects for each zine can be listed!).

Thanks for tuning in!

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