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Zine Archive Project Orientation Tuesday September 13 6pm

Hey all you zine-loving-hyperorganized-but-still-imaginative-library-catalog-fan lurkers! Has your interest been piqued by some of the posts on here about the Zine Archive Project? Well now’s your chance to get down, dirty, nitty, AND gritty with it yourself! Wouldn’t you love to put aside a few hours a week to flip through some of our thousands of zines until you feel confident assigning them subject headings? Would you love even more to enter them into our simple spreadsheet of a catalog? Would you soil your panties to get the chance to discuss the subject categories with us, or to procure us some new magazine boxes, or to make us a Drupal catalog site, or contribute in your own special (but hopefully still useful) way?

Well then, come to this thing on Tuesday September 13th at 6pm at ye olde Dong Haul, where we will do our best to explain as clearly as possible how we do this project and why we’ve made the decisions we have up until now. We’ll invite your input and questions, and hopefully, you’ll come away prepared to come in on your own time and put in some work on this wild and lovely archive, so that, with your help, maybe this project can get done in 1 year instead of 10.

ALSO, if you know anyone that has relevant skillz or interests (archivists, library people, obsessive organizers, theory nerds, even arty zine kids) please pass along this information.

Paper flyer coming soon!

Location / Hours

3124 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley CA. 94705
tele - (510) 540-0751 Map

Tuesday & Wednesday 6~9
Saturday & Sunday 3~9

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