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The Long Haul is an anarchist resource center and community space. Our goal is to provide the shell for a space that feels alive with people, projects, and ideas (whether in concert or conflict)–where together we negotiate a tension with society.

We provide a office/meeting space and a non-profit umbrella for a variety of projects/collectives, as well as hosting for numerous social and political events. We also house the Infoshop .

What is the Infoshop?

The Infoshop is a combination of a lending library, computer room, zine making space, activist reading room, and a social gathering space. Anyone can come and browse our many periodicals, zines, and pamphlets in our front office; check-out books, DVD’s, or VCR tapes from the lending library; conduct research using our computer; produce zines in our zine making space; or simply talk with some interesting people.

But, the Infoshop is primarily an information distribution center. Much of literature, (including our own newspaper, Slingshot), is available for free. Flyers regarding current political events and radical/alternative news sources are always posted on our front bulletin board and are on the front desk, these come from the community so please help us stay informed.

The Long Haul Computer Resource Center

The Long Haul has a high-speed, (DSL), internet connection as well as a computer available for high speed internet access. The computer is opened during normal Infoshop hours, but is subject to close without prior notice.

The Long Haul Zine Making Space

Come and put together your ideas in our space. Complete with saddle stapler, waxers, glue, sharpies, and a copier. Open during Infoshop hours. The copier should only be used for making a master copy of your finished product which you can then take down to your local copy shop and reproduce. Please don’t use our copier to make 2,000 copies of your zine.

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. This seems like a great place, and I hope I make it there one day. But a thought on the computers: bookmarks deemed awesome can be synced on all computers with Firefox & Google:chrome. Firefox: just look it up in the add-on’s or in chrome: you can just go to personal section in the “Personal Stuff” of the “preferences” page.

    There are some awesome features totally “Free”, and if you get zealous look into GNU-Linux, way secure, and if you want help just contact me (or google)

  2. What happened to the events. Long Haul has become banal. You used have political events like Ad Busters, or Prison Literature benefits, or having bands perform, or tree sitters from Humboldt and so on. Now the infoshop seems almost devoid of activity. Even Cafe night is gone. I realise that the reason it’s no longer proposed is because, for so long, no one really came. I just wish that the possibility was still out there but…oh well. But again, it’s the events issue that really concerns me here. Just recently, Station 40 had a presentation by the Invisible Committee, before that, an Anarchist woman present during the Iranian upheavals against Mubarak, and they have the Anarchist Salon every month, and they have interesting stuff like this regularly, while the the Long Haul has…the Anarchist study group, just about the most banal shit pertaining to Anarchism I can think of.

    So there’s my criticisms. I also want to say that I am glad that Berkeley has an anti-authoritarian infoshop and that’s why I wrote this in the first place.


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