Filthy Commerce

We hate selling stuff, but we gotta pay our rent, (at least until someone gives us a house). So why don’t you drop on by and buy our shit. We’re currently offering the following items for sale.

Wall of books, t-shirts, and other stuff for sale
  1. The Slingshot Organizer in a variety of colors in both large and pocket size, ($7 and $15) – come see where its made and meet the folks behind it!
  2. Custom designed, hand-printed, 100% cotton, sweatshop free, T-shirts* ($15)
  3. Large and small custom designed, hand printed patches. ($1 and 5.00)
  4. Custom designed buttons, ($1 apiece or 6 buttons for $5)
  5. Zines (prices vary)
  6. New Books (prices vary)
  7. Used Books (mostly between $.25 and $1.00)

You can buy some of this stuff online at our website at whoop distro but you’ll have a much better selection and a lot more fun if you come by the Infoshop and check us out during regular hours.

*we are not responsible for bosses who don’t like the shirts