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About the Long Haul Zine Archive

By our calculations, the Long Haul has about 15,000 (!) zines in its archive. They are kept in magazine boxes on shelves lining one of the walls of our space. They are loosely organized alphabetically.

About the Catalog Project

Our goal with the catalog project is to create a searchable catalog with a record for each zine. Records will include information like title, author/ publisher, date, location, list of subjects, and volume/issue number. Ideally this catalog will help to make our zines accessible to interested parties that might include: anarchists, zinesters, enthusiasts, independent media, and beyond.

We’re also attempting to reorganize our zines by subject, because we want to prioritize making our archive browsable, and we figure that it might be harder to come across something you like when they’re organized alphabetically. We realize that we can’t effectively capture what many zines are about with one subject heading, but we can enter multiple subjects for each zine in the catalog which hopefully will make up for it. The list of subject headings we use for organizing our zines is a modified version of the Anchor Zine Archive’s (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) box category subjects, and is of course up for debate and input.

How you can plug in

The bulk of the work of this project involves looking through every zine in our collection, deciding what subject to put each zine in, and creating records for each zine in our catalog, which currently takes the form of a spreadsheet in google docs. Additionally, we have been trying to figure out the best way to put the catalog online. So far, we’re thinking using Drupal might be the best idea, but that’s as far as we’ve gotten.

Love, Rage, and DIY publishing!

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  1. Hmmm, I wonder if it’s too much to include the Radical Contact List here? Well, I know I got it in my Slingshot Organizer. Maybe I’ll check out if Slingshot has a website. Sometimes, I want to tell travelling friends about this resource, but can’t get a Slingshot to them in a timely manner. Thanx!

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