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Defend People’s Park


Have the Regents at UC Berkeley and the Berkeley City Counsel lost their collective minds? Are they really so arrogant that they think they can ignore their own history? Can’t they realize that any attempts to destroy our park will inevitably be met with incandescent violence.

We are not advocating violence anymore than we advocate water running downhill. But the moment the first fences go up, Wingnuts will try and pull them down. The Police will react violently against the Wingnuts, causing the Wingnuts to react violently against the police. Then Alt-right Nazis will descend on Berkeley to violently defend whatever it is they think needs defending against Wingnut radicals. Anti-fa will mobilize and violently confront the Nazis. All of this resulting in a shit show that will make the 1969 and 1991 riots look like an afternoon soiree of tea and crumpets.

Then, even if the Regents win, they lose. Those dormitories will suffer the same disgusting fate as the volleyball courts they built after the last riots;. They’ll be inundated with broken glass, dog shit, and whatever vomitous gee-gaws people can throw. But with one difference… Students didn’t have to live in the volleyball courts.

People’s Park is one of the longest continuous occupations in US history. It has been sanctified with the blood of James Rector, Rosebud Denovo, and our own tears, sweat and laughter. We know that the Park can be sometimes scary, sorta creepy and nowhere near its full potential (kinda like your insane, crusty-punk cousin). But it’s totally amazing at other times and we love it regardless. To quote our Friends and Virtual Wingnuts at Anonymous: “We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

Let’s try to stop this insanity before it begins.   Copies of the latest People’s Park newsletter are available in the infoshop. Drop by the park on Friday afternoons at 5pm for free food and a community gathering.

Also check, if you have instagram you can follow @peoplesparkberkeley. You can also sign up on the  Peoples Park Committee mailing list  to help plan/coordinate our defense.

You can also your local city council member and/or Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguin at (510) 981-7800 and/or  UC  Chancellor Carol Christ at (510) 842-7464.