Books and More

  1. You can check a book out of our library. Our selection includes books on Anarchism, Radical Ecology, Marxism, (ewww!!!), Philosophy, Women’s Studies, US, European, Middle Eastern and African History…
  2. Our library also has a selection of DVD’s and VCR tapes, features and archival footage, that can also be checked out.
  3. We have a zine archive featuring a large selection of out-of-print zines such as Proccessed World and Love and Rage. Zines from the archive may be read inside of the Long Haul, but they cannot be checked out.
  4. Get the latest edition of our newspaper the Slingshot, as well as various older editions. Slingshot can also be accessed online at
  5. We also sell a variety of new and used books, as well as radical and DIY zines.
  6. Check out the books/zines on both  history and contemporary anarchist theory   published by