Books and More

Book reading
We have book readings too… or schedule your own!


We have a huge library of books on topics like:

  • Anarchism
  • Radical Ecology
  • Marxism, (ewww!!!)
  • Philosophy
  • Women’s Studies
  • US, European, Middle Eastern and African History…

You can find obscure old books and new books on these topics that are too “out there” for the public library.

Our library also has a selection of DVD’s and VCR tapes, features and archival footage, that can also be checked out.

Used Book Sale

We sell a variety of used books, starting at 25cents or $1 for 5 books.

We also have a rack where we distro’ radical and DIY zines, one-offs and periodicals, magazines, etc.

See Filthy Commerce


Get the latest edition of our newspaper the Slingshot, as well as various older editions. Slingshot can also be accessed online at

Check out the books/zines on both history and contemporary anarchist theory published by