Shut Up & Write! Every Monday at The Long Haul Info Shop

Shut up and Write Berkeley

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  • You! These events are open to all, no genre or skill level or writing style necessary. Come work on your manuscript, dissertation, daily pages, blog post, journal entry, pen pal emails, fanzine, or any other form of scribbling.
  • Free, bring a friend! No RSVP needed (max of ~10 chairs though).


  • Coworking for East Bay writers (and beyond)!
  • Shut Up & Write hosts free in-person and online writing events for writers all over the world. Our goal is to ensure that every writer, regardless of genre or skill level, has access to the community, accountability, and resources they need to be successful in their personal writing goals. Our events use our proven formula: a few minutes of introductions, an hour of focused writing, and a final check-in to share the hour’s progress.
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  • Every Monday from 7pm-8:30pm
  • 7pm — Introductions and Check-in
  • 7:10pm – 8:10pm — 1 hr of silent writing
  • 8:10pm – 8:30pm — Check-ins and chatting (feel free to head home early or stick around late)
  • The Long Haul is open 6-9pm—as of now, we are the only official group using the space. Feel free to come by early or stay after until close!


  • The Long Haul is a radical resource center & community space—all are welcome
  • No purchases necessary (they have a kettle for hot water and a microwave to heat up your own food), but you can always give back by volunteering, donating to the space, and/or buying a book, zine, t-shirt, or patch 🙂
  • Space has WiFi and a gender-neutral bathroom.
  • Travel / Parking info: 5 minute walk from Ashby BART. Free street parking available. Bike racks located outside (you can also bring your bike in).


  • Dedicate some time to your works-in-progress & share space/ build community with local writers 🙂

What else should I know?:

  • RSVPs (and cancelled RSVPs) appreciated
  • Being late is OK! Just come in, get settled in, and the organizer will show you the screen that has the amount of time left to write.

Art of Resistance with Beehive Collective!

The Beehive Collective is on tour with both our MesoAmerica Resiste 10 year anniversary graphic, as well as our recently released educational project: The True Cost of Coal Book.

It’s a rhyming narrative and activity book to complement our large mural artwork “True Cost of Coal” which makes conversations about the history of colonization, workers’ rights, and the fight for social and environmental justice more accessible and engaging for younger audiences.

Live Music & Spoken Word

Beat the Heat event poster

Monday July 10th at 7pm
3124 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley

live music and spoken word from:

Adam Gnade
Lora Mathis, with noise accompaniment by Matty Terrones of Neutral Shirt

… plus surprise guests
all ages! Donations / NOTA


Join us on Saturday July 22, 2023 for a “FREE INK DAY” of free anti-capitalist poster printing and other activities at Long Haul Infoshop.

Come celebrate the radical legacy of the infoshop and meet others who are fed up with the system and want to abolish it.

Featuring… fun print-making and all-ages activities (Riso, screen printing, bookmark drawing). Live debut of your local Asian music fangirl, DJ Sinecure (soon to have a radio show!).

LOTS of FREE posters to take home or share around. And some light snacks and drinks.

ALL 100% FREE!!!! What else could you possibly want? (bring it.)

Wheelchair accessible
Saturday July 22, 2023
Noon – 7 PM
3124 Shattuck Avenue (just 3 blocks east of Ashby BART)

DO you want to PRINT something?

This is a chance to print fast and dirty on thin paper suitable for wheatpasting. We will not be doing complex multi-color or tight-registration Riso prints.

First-come, first served – max. 1 original per person!

Get more info at Reprographixxx website

Press Release: Long Haul community center in Berkeley faces displacement due to landlord’s proposed development

March 2, 2023

Berkeley’s volunteer-operated, non-profit radical community center Long Haul is threatened with displacement by a proposal to demolish its building to build an 8-story, $40-50 million housing development.

Long Haul has been located at 3124 Shattuck Avenue since 1979. Long Haul operates a radical library, historical archive and community center that hosts meetings, events and grassroots organizations such as Needle Exchange Emergency Distribution (NEED), Slingshot collective, East Bay Co-housing, Sunrise Movement, Reprographixxx Print Room and the Anarchist Study Group. Long Haul’s public reading room is open 6 days a week and is a locus of mutual aid and resistance culture. During open hours anyone can find a place to sit and socialize free of charge without the need to buy anything. Free food is available 2 nights a week. Harm reduction supplies are available 6 days a week. Long Haul always provides a free public toilet to anyone who needs one. Long Haul’s radical historical archive contains thousands of titles spanning radical activism from the 1960s on-ward, with special emphasis on under-represented periods such as the 1980s, 1990s, and beyond.

In early January, 2023, Long Haul’s landlord Northern California Land Trust (“NCLT”) surprised Long Haul by announcing that it was seeking to tear down the 3120-3130 Shattuck building (cross street Woolsey), which contains Long Haul and the Homeless Action Center. NCLT held a neighborhood meeting via zoom in January about the proposal. Long Haul learned that NCLT has been developing plans for the development for over a year. With no notice to Long Haul, NCLT submitted an SB330 application to the City of Berkeley on December 13, 2022. (Copy available upon Request.) Without communicating with its tenants, NCLT applied for and was awarded a $1 million grant from the California Energy Commission to pay for design and pre-development cost.

Ironically, NCLT’s offices were at Long Haul when the space began in 1979, according to Long Haul’s founder Alan Haber. (Haber also started 1960s New Left organization Students for a Democratic Society in 1960.) Haber stated that it was at Long Haul’s urging that NCLT purchased the 3120-3130 Shattuck building in 1984. Long Haul has an indefinite lease and has paid rent on-time for 30 years.

NCLT seeks to begin construction in mid-2024. However NCLT has not yet secured financing for the development.

Long Haul is having ongoing internal discussions to decide how to respond to the development proposal and is seeking community support to avoid displacement.

While Long Haul is under threat, it is still open and active. Long Haul invites the community to use its resources and schedule an event in its meeting room.

“The City of Berkeley has long prided itself on the presence of unique spaces like this that are unapologetically radical and grassroots and which allow people to interact and pursue their projects autonomously and without the barriers of commerce or supervisory authorization,” said a Long Haul volunteer. “The preservation of Long Haul is essential for Berkeley to remain weird and for it to remain distinctively Berkeley.”

Slingshot 35th Birthday Party

Slingshot 35th birthday event flyer March 12

SUNDAY March 12, 2023 from 7-9pm
at Long Haul Infoshop

Live music from members of… The Wyatt Act, Guinevere Q, J Young Sun, and Chris Meeder.

Zany Free raffle, meet the authors, back issue collection & a vegan chocolate cake. FREE EVENT

Game night at Long Haul

Flyer for Long haul role playing game night

A new event being hosted at Long Haul is Thursday Night Role-Playing Game Night. Stop by from 6:30-8:30 Thursdays to play games in the back room January 2023.