Hella Long Haul visioning meeting

Yet another meeting on Sunday – Oct. 30 – 7 pm

We support the occupation and taking up public space to form community, but we also want to continue to cherish and improve the spaces that are solidly (more or less) ours, that we’ve poured love and labor into over the years, so….

An opportunity for the larger Long Haul community who don’t usually come to meetings to discuss what Long Haul should do with the space

– What we’re doing right
– What we could do better
– What we should start doing
– What we should cut out
Have your voice heard!

* The idea is to have a fun, welcoming social space wheere we share thoughts and ideas about the Long Haul, with hopes of consistently improving on it, keeping it relevant, and giving everyone a chance to sound off on it.

At Long Haul – 3124 Shattuck – Berkeley

Zine Archive Project Latest: Cool zines we’ve stumbled across!

Every time I go to work on cataloging I inevitably find some new exciting (to me) zines. Today was no exception while I was cataloging Perzines. I want to share some:

– Breakfast #22. This zine was written by a 13 year old girl, Athena, in the Philippines in 1999, and she explains that this is the 39th zine she’s written. Fucking impressive. She is remarkably perceptive, really into Riot Grrrl, and lists among her favorite bands: 7 Year Bitch, The Butchies, Crass, Spitboy, and the Indigo Girls. I am dying to find out what she’s up to now, 12 years later…

-Another Day.. Another Fight. Some traveler/ squatter kids found a great abandoned college kid house in Portland to stay in one summer in 2003 and found a bunch of journals/ letters between the former inhabitants, which they then compiled into this zine. Like a punker, more involved Found magazine. Aptly, in my opinion, filed in the Squatting section.

-Persiflage #4. “The Journal of Spectacularism”– Goth zine alert! Compilation of whimsical Goth things, my favorite being a poem/ song entitled “Bad Luck Makes a Fat Graveyard” by Tony Vaguely. Here is an excerpt:

“If you get a chill up your spine,
then someone has just walked over the spot you’ll be buried at.
If three persons who have the same first name happen to come
together, you can be sure that one of them is a fool.
The baby who doesn’t fall down the stairs before it is a year old,
will grow up to be a fool.
If the back of your legs itch, then you are an idiot.
If your nose itches, it means you’re a liar.
Something bad is bound to happen!
Boogedy, boogedy, boogedy.”

Maybe this could be the Long Haul pledge?

Anyway, the point is that there is some cool shit in this archive and if you want to come help catalog/ organize them, you get to hang out with them all you want!
See the Long Haul Zine Archive Project link at the menu at the top of this page for more information.

Viva superstition!

Herbal Wildcrafting Workshop

Radicalizing Herbalism and Activating the Healers

Saturday July 30th 6pm

$0-$10 sliding scale – No one turned away for lack of funds.

Our workshop will emphasize more the importance of cultivating one’s own plants for resource preservation purposes, as well as the energetic effects of growing one’s own medicine. We hope to simmer herbal oils during our workshop, and process them for participants to take home with them.

LongHaul Community Potluck & Ice Cream Social

The spirit of Emma Goldman invites you to an Ice Cream Social / Long Haul Community Potluck

Join others who use Long Haul to socialize, develop community and informally discuss visions for the future of the space and collective goals

Sunday, July 31
Food @ 7 pm /discussion @ 8 pm

Featuring members of:
Anarchist Study Group / BASTARD
Slingshot collective
Food Not Bombs
Berkeley Liberation Radio
Berkeley Cohousing

Long Haul will provide vegan and dairy ice cream sundaes and root beer floats: please bring some potluck food to share

The first of an on-going series of Long Haul community potlucks:
every 5th Sunday in any month with five Sundays: the next one is October 30

If I can’t eat ice cream, I don’t want to be part of your revolution” – Emma Goldman

New Zine Archive Page!

Check out the new zine archive page, which we made in an attempt to share our project of cataloging the zine archive and generating interest and hopefully volunteers.

In the future, we hope to post more details about cataloging decisions we made, parts of the catalog we have done, information about zines and events, and other interesting bits and pieces.

Judge rules Long Haul can sue over the 2008 raid

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White issued a ruling that  the  Long Haul and East Bay Prisoner Support can try to prove that the search of its Berkeley offices  in August, 2008, exceeded legal boundaries, that agents misled the judge who issued a search warrant and that it was targeted because of its left-wing views,

Read Court Ruling Here: 2009.11.29 Long Haul Order on Govt 12b mtn

First Court date set for September 4 in Long Haul court case against the police over the August 27, 2008 police raid of the Long Haul

Long Haul supporters and anyone interested in limiting police raids against activist community centers are invited to attend the first Court hearing on Long Haul’s court case against the FBI and UC Berkeley police. The hearing is set for September 4 at 9 a.m. before Judge White, 450 Golden Gate, courtroom 11 on the 19th Floor.

Long Haul and East Bay Prisoner Support filed a federal lawsuit January 14 in response to an August 27, 2008 police raid on the Long Haul community center in Berkeley by a joint terrorism task force composed of University of California police, sheriffs and the FBI. The police seized all computers at Long Haul after breaking in with guns drawn to execute a search warrant as`part of an investigation of allegedly threatening emails allegedly sent to UC Berkeley animal researchers from a public-access computer connected to the internet at Long Haul.

It is clear that the police never would have gotten such a broad search warrant to seize every computer at the Berkeley Public Library if the email in question had come from the public library, rather than from a radical Infoshop.

The lawsuit contends that the police violated the first and fourth amendment (freedom of assembly/speech and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures) as well as the federal Privacy Protection Act, which protects publishers from search and seizure except in the most narrow circumstances. Long Haul publishes Slingshot newspaper / East Bay Prisoner Support publishes a newsletter.)

On July 2, the government defendants filed a motion to dismiss the case. On July 24, Attorneys from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union representing Long Haul and East Bay Prisoner Support filed an opposition to the motion which argues the merits of the case.
Click here to see the attorney’s filed opposition.

Beating the government’s motion to dismiss is the first step in prosecuting the lawsuit against the outrageous police raid on Long Haul.

On September 4, join us in the Courtroom while we resist police raids on our communities.

Update on the Long Haul vs. FBI Lawsuit

This is a general update about the progress of the lawsuit.

The defendants objected to the magistrate who was originally selected to hear
the case so the case has been re-assigned to Judge Jeffrey White.

This means that the deadlines have changed. Now, the initial court appearance
(case management conference) will be on May 15, not April 20 as it was originally.

May 15 is a Friday — mark your organizer.