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  • Judge rules Long Haul can sue over the 2008 raid

    U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White issued a ruling that  the  Long Haul and East Bay Prisoner Support can try to prove that the search of its Berkeley offices  in August, 2008, exceeded legal boundaries, that agents misled the judge who issued a search warrant and that it was targeted because of its left-wing views, Read […]

  • September 4th Long Haul court case against FBI/UCB police ordered vacated

    Friday’s hearing is vacated and the judge will decide without oral argument. For details, see the  attached court order I hope we are able to get the word out to everyone. This should portend nothing in particular for the motion.

  • First Court date set for September 4 in Long Haul court case against the police over the August 27, 2008 police raid of the Long Haul

    Long Haul supporters and anyone interested in limiting police raids against activist community centers are invited to attend the first Court hearing on Long Haul’s court case against the FBI and UC Berkeley police. The hearing is set for September 4 at 9 a.m. before Judge White, 450 Golden Gate, courtroom 11 on the 19th […]

  • Update on the Long Haul vs. FBI Lawsuit

    This is a general update about the progress of the lawsuit. The defendants objected to the magistrate who was originally selected to hear the case so the case has been re-assigned to Judge Jeffrey White. This means that the deadlines have changed. Now, the initial court appearance (case management conference) will be on May 15, […]

  • Longstanding Berkeley Community Center Raided by FBI

    More than a dozen computers seized in questionable search *Berkeley, CA* — At 10:30 am on Wednesday, August 27th, the UC Berkeley police, plainclothes FBI agents, and an Alameda County sheriff raided at gunpoint the Long Haul, a long-standing community library and info shop. Police spent at least an hour and a half searching the […]

  • keep this info handy

    re: know your rights one: don’t talk to the police without a lawyer present. while it’s easy to say that to ourselves, it’s much more challenging to keep in mind when you are confronted by imposing (or apparently charming) officers who are trained extensively to get you to think you have to talk. for more […]